Household Pests

Diseases You Get From Common Household Pests

The common household pests not only damage your property but also result in delivering diseases to humans. They mostly transfer the germs and bacteria to humans by contaminating the uncovered food that you eat unknowingly and through their droppings and urine as well.

It is advisable never to underestimate the power of these tiny pests they can cause severe issues to humans. Some of the health issues caused by pests are:

  • Salmonellosis: cockroaches, flies, rodents salmonellosis, a symptomatic infection is a result of bacteria salmonella that causes typhoid fever, infection. It happens by consuming pest contaminated food.
  • Dysentery: Flies and cockroaches cause dysentery. Dysentery has two forms amoebiasis and shigellosis, and both infect the intestines after ingesting the food and water contaminated by pests.
  • Tapeworm: Rodents tapeworms are intestinal parasites which inhabit the gastrointestinal tract of rodents. Among various types of tapeworm, H. nana is dangerous that can spread from person to person via eggs in their feces.
  • Cholera: Flies carry bacteria from contaminated products and infected feces and they transmit it to humans by contaminating food and water.
  • Asthma: Rodents, cockroaches, dust mites, rodent saliva, bed bugs insect and shedding body parts can cause asthma. These allergens are mostly breathed through the nose or into the respiratory system.

How To Prevent & Remove Household Pests

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Are Spiders Friend Or Foe?

There is no one-word answer to this question because there are more than 3,000 species of spiders worldwide. Fortunately, not all are dangerous to humans, but a few of the spider species have a venomous bite. For an individual, it is almost impossible to identify which spider species is dangerous or not.

The Common Species Of Spiders

  • Black Widow
  • Brown Recluse
  • Hobo Spider
  • Wolf Spider
  • Cellar Spider
  • Sac Spider
  • Jumping Spider
  • Crab Spider
  • Cobweb Spider

What Makes The Spiders Dangerous?

  • Their look, having dark black or red strips on their body and 4 to 8 long hairy legs. Depending on their species, almost all spiders have a dangerous look.
  • Their web, which they create to catch their prey.
  • Their venomous bite causes redness, swelling and itchiness, which can convert into skin infection if left untreated.

What Do Spiders Eat?

The spiders feed on insects and pests that are commonly found in your home. Having spider in your premises turn out to be beneficial in making your place pest-free.

Spider: Foe Or Friends?

As per the explanation mentioned above, the spiders mostly attack humans in their defense or when they are frightened. On the other side, some spiders bite humans by their nature. As most of the people are not aware of spiders species, people should stay away from all types of spiders.

Because they can attack you if you try to remove them on your own, make sure to hire the spider removal specialists.

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Centipede Infestation

3 Signs Of Centipede Infestation In Your Home

Detecting the centipede infestation in your home is not an easy task. This is because they often stay in dark places. However, they are not aggressive towards humans they can bite if you provoke them and their bite can deliver intense itching, rashes or swelling.

The centipedes have 15 pairs of legs, and they survive in the high-humidity atmosphere. Moreover, they are longer than one inch and found in the dark areas of your home.

Here are some signs to tell that these nocturnal creatures has invaded your home.

  1. During Winter Months

    Like human beings, the centipedes also look for a warmer place during the winter season. The existence of centipede in your home is common, especially in colder months. It is necessary to use preventive measures to keep the pests away.

  2. Existence Of Other Pests

    If you have other pests in your premises, immediately remove them. The centipede feed on other pesky pests and a pest-infested home is a key attraction for them.

  3. Cracks In Your Property

    If your premises have cracks in the walls or floor, there are chances of centipede could be hiding there. They come out at night and start walking in your place. If you are beginning to inspect your property, start from tiny cracks.

In case, you have confirmed that your home is centipede infested, reach us at KW Pest Control. Our humane pest control methods can eradicate all types of pests. Call us to get a free quote and guaranteed results.

7 Tips To Keep The Bees, Wasps And Hornets At Bay

As the summer ends, the huge bugs become active. The wasps keep on buzzing out of your yard and creating nests in an opportune area of your home. Apart from their advantages, the bees, wasps and hornets are some of the dangerous insects. Wasps can sting and cause of swelling or allergic reactions. This is the main reason when people have to consider to keep the wasps away from their home.

Tips To Keep Away The Wasps

  1. Remove Unwanted Food

    The unwanted or leftover food placed in your home is a direct invitation to the insects. Even, if you are sitting in a garden area or going on a picnic, the insects can attack by noticing the food with you. Make sure to cover the food and remove the leftover in the dustbins. Also, remember to discard the dustbin far away from your home.

  2. Trim The Trees And Plants

    Trim the shrubs and keep them at least for one foot. Plants that are trimmed weekly are less likely to become a nest for bees and hornets. You should also cut down the large rotted trees that are ideal space for nests and hives.

  3. Seal The Cracks & Holes

    The bees, wasps and hornets find a shelter in your home cracks and holes. It even makes you difficult for the cleaning process. One is suggested to seal the cracks using the sealants, putty or silicone.

Apart from this, the bright color and the strong perfume fragrance are other attraction factors for insects. The bees, wasps and hornets are often found around the flowering plants. So, you should pay attention to the things that attract the insects. Still, if your home is infested by such insects, concern with KW Pest Control. Our team of professionals specialize in the eradication of rodents, insects and pests.

5 Popular Winter Pests That Can Invade Your Home

Like humans, certain critters also seek shelter during the cold winter months and the biggest example is home. When the temperature begins to drop, every house becomes a perfect palace for a number of pests to hide out. They usually enter through the small openings or gutters in the seek of warmth and food. Before these winter pests become a big home disaster, it’s necessary to take some precautions against them. Although it’s difficult to detect and remove these species through DIY methods, better to hire a pest control professional to save a lot of time as well as efforts.

You must be aware of popular winter pests which is a big disaster for every human:

  1. Roaches

    Every winter, food and moisture are the factors that make the roaches to enter the homes. Once, they start residing inside your kitchens, they can spread bacteria and also contaminate the food which further results in health problems like allergies and asthma.

  2. Bed Bugs

    Bugs are those winter critters whose infestation is very difficult to get rid of. Like other disease carriers, they can’t be eliminated easily and get multiply into numbers in some fraction of time. They usually reside inside the crevices and hole of the home walls.

  3. Spiders

    With the winter arrival, the presence of spiders also comes along in your home. The spider bite can also become a big health risk if not eliminated on time. They usually enter through the trees and shrubs hanging outside the home.

  4. Rodents

    Rodents love to live in the warmth of the homes and usually attack the food supply in winter. Once the rodent colony starts to form, the risk of home damages increases. They are also great at spreading harmful bacteria through droppings and urine.

  5. Flies

    Winters give an entryway to a number of flies in homes. Flies usually brought through fruits and vegetables and begin to get multiple in numbers. These flying pests can become a big concern when home doors and windows are sealed.

In spotting all these winter pests, must make use of home sprays and traps along with professional pest control involvement. If you want to enjoy healthy winters, you can hire our pest professionals at KW Pest Control.

Must Read These 5 Amazing FAQs About Wasps

Wasps are such a nuisance if you see them consuming on dead insects or eating other flies. Apart from their attractive yellowish look, their presence might be irritating as they give sting which is a big threat to allergies. After attack, one can experience the signs of unusual swelling and have to go through extreme pain. Usually, this kind of situation comes during the warmer months when these flying pests start disrupting your outside area.

To know more about wasps, read out these few FAQs in detail:

  1. How Wasps Differ From Hornets?
    You will get surprised to know that hornets are the subset of wasps. The only difference is the size and color as hornets are quite larger than wasps. The amazing fact about wasp is that they appear in different colors depending upon their species.
  2. How To Treat A Wasp Sting?
    Mild reactions caused by the wasps can be treated by following some home remedies. But if you imagine early signs of allergic reaction due to a wasp sting, then it’s better to consult with the doctor for a proper checkup.
  3. What Do Wasps Eat?
    Wasps normally feed on an assortment of insects, both adults, and larvae. They are the kind of omnivorous which also sustain on dead insects and on fallen and decayed fruits.
  4. Do Wasps Sting More than One?
    Like bees, these wasps can bite you multiple times. They have a smooth stinger that allows them to easily insert and withdraw their stinger and can give you multiple stings.
  5. What’s the Best Treatment to Eliminate Them?
    Rather than tackling the wasps colony by own efforts, it’s good to hire a professional pest exterminator who knows how to remove the wasp presence more safely and quickly.

Wasps are extremely harmful and one can’t handle their nests without the use of proper equipment. To eliminate the wasp infestation in better way, you can hire our exterminators at KW Pest Control.


Handy Tips By Pest Control Experts For Fleas Extermination

In real life scenario, the creatures like fleas and ticks are the most annoying pests that usually enter the home through our loving pets. Once they get invaded, the infestation takes weeks or even months to control by the homeowners. The presence of fleas is horrible as these are not only pesky pests but also responsible for spreading diseases in all corners of the home. It is an important job to get rid of these fleas otherwise they can make the environment unsafe to live in.

The following are some of the health conscious solutions mentioned by the experts in order to maintain your healthy environment:

  1. Outdoor Maintenance
    The foremost inspection of these fleas must be done in the outer home areas like yards. It is necessary to keep your outdoors clean by mowing the grass and trimmed the shrubs on a regular basis. This will eliminate the fleas from getting hide into these spaces. Even, when you plant your shrubs, it is necessary to grow them away from the house.
  2. Home Cleanliness
    If you have fleas inside your home then one of the reasons behind this may be the presence of dirt in the home. One must adopt the habit of vacuum cleaning of the home spaces where the fleas welcome the most. The fleas are responsible for spreading their flea eggs, larvae and harmful diseases in those areas.
  3. Use Insecticides
    One can also adopt an environmentally friendly method to get rid of flea problem like spraying of insecticides in the outer areas. It is strictly advised to spray carefully and avoid doing near the lakes and ponds as it can contaminate the water.
  4. Clean Your Pets
    Fleas love to render on dogs and move into the home through them. One must look for the preventive measure to keep these fleas away from the pets. It is necessary for the homeowner use some kind of shampoos or sprays the are helpful in killing the fleas.
  5. Hire A Professional Exterminator
    These are also some of the cases which can’t handle on their own and for those, there is a need of a professional help. An exterminator will do a thorough inspection of the home and identify the infested areas easily and provide you with the most effective pest control methods.

For all homeowners, it is necessary to give attention to flea infestation with one of the most appropriate treatments. In order to have a healthy and flea-free environment, you can also hire our professional exterminators at KW Pest Control.

7 Ways to Keep Your Pets Safe From Fleas & Ticks

Are you having pets at home? If yes, then you are at a higher risk for a flea infestation inside your property. These tiny pests tends to live on the body of the pets, especially under the fur coat of dogs and cats. Most possible, they attack your loved companion when you let them roam free or take them out for walks in grassy areas.

Since fleas can crawl inside your property to cause a flea outbreak, it’s advised to remain extra cautious about the health and well-being of your pet. They not only cause itches but also leave red itchy bumps on the body of pets. Their saliva can transfer tapeworms and lead to ailments like anemia and dermatitis.

Similar to fleas, ticks too are creepy pests that are even more harmful to your pets. They are comparatively larger than fleas and are responsible for causing terminal illness in dogs and cats. They can lead to conditions like muscle weakness, loss of coordination, respiratory failure, and even paralysis. Both ticks and fleas attack leads to lack of appetite and depression in pets.

To make sure your pets are safe from the exposure of such harmful insects, here are some tips that you should regularly follow:

  • Avoid taking your pets on a walk at places that have tall grass, as such areas are risked to have fleas invasion. By walking in an infected area, your dog or cat can easily hitch a free ride for a flea or tick.
  • Make sure that your pet stays away from tick habitats, such as low-growing green and brushy vegetation. Such areas are a habitat to ticks that must be sticking along the edge of tree wood or a trail.
  • If you are taking your pet for a vacation or a day trip to a hilly area, bathe him as soon as he/she reaches back home.
  • Try to keep the bedding, collars and plush toys of your pets clean and germ free by washing them twice a week.
  • Since fleas can even attack a home that doesn’t have pets, its advised to frequently wash the bed linens. Also, vacuum the carpets, floors, and furniture periodically.
  • If you notice that your dog or cat is scratching his fur coat again and again, check them thoroughly for fleas and flea dirt.
  • In case you notice any flea or tick inside your property, immediately call a pest control expert for long term flea extermination service.

These are few ways to keep your pets safe from fleas and tick attacks. If you are looking for a reliable pest control company in Kitchener, feel free to consult our pest exterminators right away.

How to Get Rid of Rat Infestation?

Are you having rats or mice inside your home? If yes, then you have to remain alert all the time to prevent any property damage and health risks. Rats are tiny pests that pose a great harm to humans. They are carriers of extremely harmful diseases that can even turn out to be deadly. Rats can deteriorate the peace of mind of homeowners along with causing stress and frustration. Its quite important to remove these pesky pests from a property by calling in an expert pest extermination company.

Some ways to get rid of rat infestation are:

  • Keep your property clutter free: Alike all other pests, rats are also attracted towards clutter and food sources. The foremost step in controlling rat population is to remove all those things which attracts and compels these pests to gain entry inside your home. Keep your interior and exterior spaces clean by collecting and disposing away the waste in garbage bins that are covered with lids.
  • Seal & repair all entryways: Since rats are tiny, they manage to enter through the tiniest wall holes or door cracks. They are also good climbers and can easily reach till the attic or chimney on the roof. To prevent their invasion, trim of the tree branches are alongside your roofs. Seal away all the wall holes and cracks with concrete filling.
  • Store foods in containers: Rats often crawl over and feed on stored food grains. This leads to the contamination of entire food source. Protect the food items and other eatables by storing them in air tight containers that can’t be accessed by rats at all.
  • Hire a pest control company: As rats are tiny and notorious creatures, catching them is not at all a DIY job. An effective way to remove them in a humane manner is by calling pest control professionals for service. Since experts have all the tools and techniques to handle pest invasions, they can remove rats by following latest techniques. Moreover, professionals offer guaranteed solutions with long term effects.

These are some of the ways to get rid of rat infestation inside a home. If you are tired of frequent rat invasion in your property, feel free to contact our pest exterminators at KW Pest Control for long term rat removal.

Integrated Pest Management Tips for Homeowners

Are you looking for an alternative way to eliminate pests instead of killing them with pesticides? If yes, then there are several control methods and preventive measures that can be carried out to keep pests away from a property.

An effective and convenient option is integrated pest management. It is a practical, sensible and step by step approach that can be followed to deal with clutter causing tiny insects. Though pesticides are an effective method for pest removal, they can lead to several heath risks and ailments like cancer, birth defects among others.

What makes this pest management approach “integrated”?

According to pest exterminators, integrated pest management means that pesticides aren’t the only gems in controlling ants, bugs, bees and wasps. There are so many small to large things that can all together assist in reducing insect population. For instance, if there are rats inside your property, then you should not just end up using insecticides. Instead, clear away all those things that attract them and the ways through which they are gaining entry inside your premise. The same integrated process applies to almost all pests.

The steps involved in applying this pest prevention, control and elimination technique includes:

  1. Investigation: The initial step a pest control professional will follow is investigating your entire property to look for what kind of bugs have invaded the place. There are possible chances that there might find more than one insect species like ants, flies & spiders. After accessing the entire situation, an action plan will be prepared and followed.
  2. Prevention: In this step, the experts will find out the reason that is attracting bugs to take shelter inside your premises. There can be some food or water sources, cozy or safe places, enough of clutter which might be compelling these tiny insects to reside here. Sanitation is an important aspect that should be focused upon to remove their infestation. Even a little bread crumb or spilled juice can attract ants and flies. In other words, cleaning is the secret to long term pest prevention.
  3. Elimination: After the above two steps have been fulfilled, its time to get rid of pesky pests that are already in your property. For this a pest company may follow the approach of vacuuming or trapping. In some severe cases, use of pesticides can also be favored.

These are some steps involved in integrated pest management followed by most of the professional pest service providers. If your home is invaded by critters or rodents, feel free to call KW Pest Control for effective rodent removal and control service in Waterloo.

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