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If you are looking for hornet extermination or hornet nest removal in Kitchener, Waterloo or its surrounding areas, put your faith in our pest control services. Our experienced and fully trained exterminators provide high quality and effective services guaranteed to get rid of your hornet infestation one way or the other. And the best part? Our Services are affordable!

What are Hornets- What Do They Look Like?

Hornets are small in size; around 2.2 inches and are very dangerous members of the genus vespa family. There are twenty two species of hornets throughout the world. The venom of hornets can be extremely dangerous depending on the species. In some extremely rare cases stings can be so painful that they cause death. They feed on other pests and insects, like bees. They are eusocial pests meaning they live together in a social manner similar to humans, where they are constantly reproducing and collectively protecting their nest and the young within the nest. Similarly to wasps and unlike bees, hornets can also sting multiple times without dying

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Types of Hornets

How to Get Rid Of Hornets

Why choose KW Pest Control's Hornet Extermination Services?

Getting rid of hornets is not an easy job. It is extremely difficult and dangerous to do so on your own. To eliminate them from your residential and commercial property, you need the help of a professional. It is similar to how you should never try exterminating wasps or bees on your own either. Always remember, if you disturb them, they CAN and WILL sting you.

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