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If you are looking for the hornet extermination in Kitchener and surrounding area, allow us to take care of your problem for you. Our experienced and fully trained exterminators do through pest control and extermination services at a very reasonable price that you can afford.

Hornets are small in size around 2.2 inches and very dangerous members of the wasp family. There are approximately twenty species of hornets throughout the world. The venom of hornet extremely dangerous, painful and even cause death. They feed on other pests and insects. Like bees, the queen rule the hive and lay the eggs.

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Types of Hornets

  • Lesser banded hornet
  • European hornet
  • Black bellied hornet
  • Asian predatory hornet
  • Greater banded hornet
  • Asian giant hornet
  • Black shield wasp
  • Japanese hornet
  • Oriental hornet

How to Remove Hornet from Your Property

  • Hornets can sting numerous times, that’s why safety is crucial. Hornet nest just looks like a pine cone. Night time is the best time to remove them. Because they are less active and less dangerous during night.
  • Wear proper clothes, gloves and shoes before eliminating them. Cover your all body with a proper clothing material. Wear leather gloves and shoes to prevent hornet stings.
  • Stay calm and take steps very carefully, otherwise they sense your presence and attack you.
  • During the hornet prevention job, using a red filter flashlight.
  • Remember empty the site soon after preventing them and don’t visit the site for the next two or three days.

Why Hire KW Pest Control?

Getting rid of hornets is not an easy job. You cannot perform on yourself. To eliminate them from your residential and commercial property, you need a professional. It is not so different from getting rid of wasps and bees. If you disturb them, they can sting you.

  • Experience : We have years of experience to handle different types of insect job. Our professional have an extensive knowledge and committed to remove them permanently.
  • The latest tools : Our all fully trained technicians equipped with the latest equipments. You may not have all the tools that require to remove them. So, hiring a professional is a good option.
  • Training : Hornets are very dangerous and they attack at any time. That’s why our technicians have undergone tough training to deliver top notch services.

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