Must Read These 5 Amazing FAQs About Wasps

Must Read These 5 Amazing FAQs About Wasps

Wasps are such a nuisance if you see them consuming on dead insects or eating other flies. Apart from their attractive yellowish look, their presence might be irritating as they give sting which is a big threat to allergies. After attack, one can experience the signs of unusual swelling and have to go through extreme pain. Usually, this kind of situation comes during the warmer months when these flying pests start disrupting your outside area.

To know more about wasps, read out these few FAQs in detail:

  1. How Wasps Differ From Hornets?
    You will get surprised to know that hornets are the subset of wasps. The only difference is the size and color as hornets are quite larger than wasps. The amazing fact about wasp is that they appear in different colors depending upon their species.
  2. How To Treat A Wasp Sting?
    Mild reactions caused by the wasps can be treated by following some home remedies. But if you imagine early signs of allergic reaction due to a wasp sting, then it’s better to consult with the doctor for a proper checkup.
  3. What Do Wasps Eat?
    Wasps normally feed on an assortment of insects, both adults, and larvae. They are the kind of omnivorous which also sustain on dead insects and on fallen and decayed fruits.
  4. Do Wasps Sting More than One?
    Like bees, these wasps can bite you multiple times. They have a smooth stinger that allows them to easily insert and withdraw their stinger and can give you multiple stings.
  5. What’s the Best Treatment to Eliminate Them?
    Rather than tackling the wasps colony by own efforts, it’s good to hire a professional pest exterminator who knows how to remove the wasp presence more safely and quickly.

Wasps are extremely harmful and one can’t handle their nests without the use of proper equipment. To eliminate the wasp infestation in better way, you can hire our exterminators at KW Pest Control.

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