7 Ways to Keep Your Pets Safe From Fleas & Ticks

7 Ways to Keep Your Pets Safe From Fleas & Ticks

Are you having pets at home? If yes, then you are at a higher risk for a flea infestation inside your property. These tiny pests tends to live on the body of the pets, especially under the fur coat of dogs and cats. Most possible, they attack your loved companion when you let them roam free or take them out for walks in grassy areas.

Since fleas can crawl inside your property to cause a flea outbreak, it’s advised to remain extra cautious about the health and well-being of your pet. They not only cause itches but also leave red itchy bumps on the body of pets. Their saliva can transfer tapeworms and lead to ailments like anemia and dermatitis.

Similar to fleas, ticks too are creepy pests that are even more harmful to your pets. They are comparatively larger than fleas and are responsible for causing terminal illness in dogs and cats. They can lead to conditions like muscle weakness, loss of coordination, respiratory failure, and even paralysis. Both ticks and fleas attack leads to lack of appetite and depression in pets.

To make sure your pets are safe from the exposure of such harmful insects, here are some tips that you should regularly follow:

  • Avoid taking your pets on a walk at places that have tall grass, as such areas are risked to have fleas invasion. By walking in an infected area, your dog or cat can easily hitch a free ride for a flea or tick.
  • Make sure that your pet stays away from tick habitats, such as low-growing green and brushy vegetation. Such areas are a habitat to ticks that must be sticking along the edge of tree wood or a trail.
  • If you are taking your pet for a vacation or a day trip to a hilly area, bathe him as soon as he/she reaches back home.
  • Try to keep the bedding, collars and plush toys of your pets clean and germ free by washing them twice a week.
  • Since fleas can even attack a home that doesn’t have pets, its advised to frequently wash the bed linens. Also, vacuum the carpets, floors, and furniture periodically.
  • If you notice that your dog or cat is scratching his fur coat again and again, check them thoroughly for fleas and flea dirt.
  • In case you notice any flea or tick inside your property, immediately call a pest control expert for long term flea extermination service.

These are few ways to keep your pets safe from fleas and tick attacks. If you are looking for a reliable pest control company in Kitchener, feel free to consult our pest exterminators right away.

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