7 Tips To Keep The Bees, Wasps And Hornets At Bay

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7 Tips To Keep The Bees, Wasps And Hornets At Bay

As the summer ends, the huge bugs become active. The wasps keep on buzzing out of your yard and creating nests in an opportune area of your home. Apart from their advantages, the bees, wasps and hornets are some of the dangerous insects. Wasps can sting and cause of swelling or allergic reactions. This is the main reason when people have to consider to keep the wasps away from their home.

Tips To Keep Away The Wasps

  1. Remove Unwanted Food

    The unwanted or leftover food placed in your home is a direct invitation to the insects. Even, if you are sitting in a garden area or going on a picnic, the insects can attack by noticing the food with you. Make sure to cover the food and remove the leftover in the dustbins. Also, remember to discard the dustbin far away from your home.

  2. Trim The Trees And Plants

    Trim the shrubs and keep them at least for one foot. Plants that are trimmed weekly are less likely to become a nest for bees and hornets. You should also cut down the large rotted trees that are ideal space for nests and hives.

  3. Seal The Cracks & Holes

    The bees, wasps and hornets find a shelter in your home cracks and holes. It even makes you difficult for the cleaning process. One is suggested to seal the cracks using the sealants, putty or silicone.

Apart from this, the bright color and the strong perfume fragrance are other attraction factors for insects. The bees, wasps and hornets are often found around the flowering plants. So, you should pay attention to the things that attract the insects. Still, if your home is infested by such insects, concern with KW Pest Control. Our team of professionals specialize in the eradication of rodents, insects and pests.

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