3 Signs Of Centipede Infestation In Your Home

A large orange centipede

3 Signs Of Centipede Infestation In Your Home

Detecting the centipede infestation in your home is not an easy task. This is because they often stay in dark places. However, they are not aggressive towards humans they can bite if you provoke them and their bite can deliver intense itching, rashes or swelling.

The centipedes have 15 pairs of legs, and they survive in the high-humidity atmosphere. Moreover, they are longer than one inch and found in the dark areas of your home.

Here are some signs to tell that these nocturnal creatures has invaded your home.

  1. During Winter Months

    Like human beings, the centipedes also look for a warmer place during the winter season. The existence of centipede in your home is common, especially in colder months. It is necessary to use preventive measures to keep the pests away.

  2. Existence Of Other Pests

    If you have other pests in your premises, immediately remove them. The centipede feed on other pesky pests and a pest-infested home is a key attraction for them.

  3. Cracks In Your Property

    If your premises have cracks in the walls or floor, there are chances of centipede could be hiding there. They come out at night and start walking in your place. If you are beginning to inspect your property, start from tiny cracks.

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