Diseases You Get From Common Household Pests

Household Pests

Diseases You Get From Common Household Pests

The common household pests not only damage your property but also result in delivering diseases to humans. They mostly transfer the germs and bacteria to humans by contaminating the uncovered food that you eat unknowingly and through their droppings and urine as well.

It is advisable never to underestimate the power of these tiny pests they can cause severe issues to humans. Some of the health issues caused by pests are:

  • Salmonellosis: cockroaches, flies, rodents salmonellosis, a symptomatic infection is a result of bacteria salmonella that causes typhoid fever, infection. It happens by consuming pest contaminated food.
  • Dysentery: Flies and cockroaches cause dysentery. Dysentery has two forms amoebiasis and shigellosis, and both infect the intestines after ingesting the food and water contaminated by pests.
  • Tapeworm: Rodents tapeworms are intestinal parasites which inhabit the gastrointestinal tract of rodents. Among various types of tapeworm, H. nana is dangerous that can spread from person to person via eggs in their feces.
  • Cholera: Flies carry bacteria from contaminated products and infected feces and they transmit it to humans by contaminating food and water.
  • Asthma: Rodents, cockroaches, dust mites, rodent saliva, bed bugs insect and shedding body parts can cause asthma. These allergens are mostly breathed through the nose or into the respiratory system.

How To Prevent & Remove Household Pests

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