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Kitchener Waterloo Pest Control- Centipede & Moth Extermination Services

KW Pest Control has been providing pest control services to Kitchener and Waterloo for many years now. We provide free quotes and consultations in regards to your home and infestation. We provide centipede and moth extermination services to our clients, whether the property is residential or commercial you can count on us to get rid of all the centipedes and moths! Our trusted technicians will work hard to resolve your pest infestation problem, using the most effective and efficient methods to ensure the pests never return.

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What Is A Centipede- What Do They Look Like?

Centipedes belong to a class of Chilopoda. Centipede means 100 legs, centipedes have many pairs of legs, but not all of them have 100 legs, some have more and some have less. They are reddish-brown insects and normally 4-152 mm in size. The true size of centipedes varies from species to species and depending on the stage of life the centipede is in, it may be smaller than normal. They have sensitive antennas on their heads and have a very small mouth. Centipedes usually come out at night, and they feed on insects like worms and spiders. First, the centipedes use their venom to paralyze their prey and then they eat them. Centipedes like damp and dark areas like garages and underneath bathroom sinks.

Types of Centipedes Found In Kitchener & Waterloo

What Is A Moth- Are They Found in Kitchener, Waterloo or Guelph?

Moths are closely related to butterflies. There are almost 200,000 species of moths all over the world. They have a long tongue and they use it to suck nectar. Not all moths have a long tongue, it depends on their species. Like other insects, moths are not dangerous for humans. They are totally harmless and inoffensive creatures that cannot sting or bite. However, moths are extremely annoying. Moths are usually attracted to light, and they can be a big nuisance in family spaces where you’re trying to watch TV or play a game.

Different Kinds of Moths

Why You Should Choose Kitchener Waterloo Pest Control For Moth and Centipede Extermination

For effective and environmentally responsible solutions to all your pest problems, hire a professional from KW Pest Control in Kitchener. Here are some effective reasons to choose us.

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