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Have centipedes and moths in your house? Call us today to stop them.
Moth Extermination Services

What Is A Centipede?

Centipedes belong to a class of Chilopoda. Centipede means 100 legs, a centipede have pairs of legs. They are reddish-brown insects and normally 4-152 mm in size. The size of them is depending on the species. They have sensitive antennas on their heads and have a small mouth. Usually, they are found at the night. First, they paralyze their victims and then eat them. They eat worms, and spiders.

Type of Centipede

  • Texas Redheaded Centipedes
  • Wood Eating Centipedes
  • Centipede Larvae
  • House Centipede
  • Poisonous Black Centipedes
  • Identifying Centipedes
  • Giant Desert Centipedes
  • Poisonous Centipedes
  • House Clear Colored Centipedes

What Is A Moth?

Moths are closely related to butterflies. There are near about 200,000 species of moths over the world. They have a long tongue and they use it to suck nectar. Not all moths have a long tongue, it depends on their species. Like other insects, moths are not dangerous for humans. They are totally harmless and inoffensive creatures that cannot sting or bite.

Kinds of Moths

  • Luna Moth
  • Polyphemus Moth
  • Death’s-head Moth
  • Imperial Moth
  • Cecropia Moth
  • Atlas Moth
  • Prometheus Moth
  • Comet Moth
  • Black Witch
  • Emperor Gum Moth

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