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The Best Flea Exterminators in Waterloo, Kitchener, and Guelph

Fleas are a very common household pest. If you have pets you are even more likely to have fleas in your home, and you have all the more reason to get rid of them. These irritating pests can become a major problem in your home or office, affecting your family and pets. Fleas can cause a variety of skin problems, allergic reactions, and can even transmit various dangerous diseases to your loved ones and pets. In Ontario, Fleas are extremely prevalent during humid weather since they need it to survive, in most cases you will notice fleas in the summer and between the months of October and March.

What are fleas?

Fleas are wingless insects and they live on the blood of mammals such as dogs, cats and humans. For this reason, fleas are extremely dangerous since their contact with a human or animal’s bloodstream can cause them to pass on dangerous diseases and bacteria and in some cases cause fatal anemia There are more than two thousand species of fleas in the world and the most common is the cat flea; found on dogs and cats. Dog fleas, rat fleas and human fleas are all other kinds of fleas that are common and can be dangerous to human and pet health. Here at KW Pest Control, we offer a comprehensive flea extermination and removal service in Cambridge, Kitchener, Woodstock, Waterloo, Guelph and Stratford to both residential and commercial clients. Our services are sure to be useful to you and your loved ones, and we guarantee results! For a free no obligation quote, call us today.

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Facts About Fleas

How To Prepare For A Flea Extermination Treatment

If you have pets, you should constantly be cleaning their bedding, and maintaining their hygiene. If your pets like to spend time outdoors and indoors, you have all the more reason to keep them and their living space clean, along with going to a veterinarian to get them checked for fleas, and following their professional judgement. Failing to do so will require you to get your home treated for fleas, while also having to get your pet and possibly yourself or your family treated for fleas. Before a flea exterminator can come to your home to treat it and eliminate all fleas, you should:

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At KW Pest Control, we strongly believe in excellence, and we take pride in our services and customer relations. Our goal is to always leave your home pest-free and to go above and beyond your expectations. Our hardworking and meticulous pest control professionals are always eager to help you. We have many years of experience in the pest control industry, and our professionals are always learning and improving. We use the latest tools and technology to exterminate and control pest infestations in your home, and we aim to prevent the pests from returning. So, if you’re looking to eradicate the fleas in your home without having to pay for recurring treatments and having to hassle with multiple different pest agencies, choose KW Pest Control, we’ll get the job done right.

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