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KW Pest Control provides professional Bee and Wasp extermination and control services for residential and commercial customers. We also provide nest removal services for Wasps and Bees. We deliver efficient and cost effective solutions to remove/eliminate wasps, hornets and bees from your property while ensuring your safety. Many people confuse bees, wasps and hornets interchangeably without realizing the vast difference each species has. There are so many different kinds of wasps and hornets found in the Kitchener-Waterloo region, and not being able to differentiate between these flying pests can lead you to getting hurt, or your property being damaged.

Should you find an infestation inside or outside your home; whether it be a wasp, bee or hornet nest, DO NOT try to investigate the infestation on your own, and DO NOT try to exterminate the problem on your own. By disturbing the entire nest, the bees/wasps/hornets will come after you, your pets and your family members. This can lead to many severe injuries that can be easily avoided by leaving the job up to the professionals. KW Pest Control will get rid of these pests for you in a safe and effective manner that ensures you and your loved ones do no get hurt in the process, and that your home remains intact. Our methods are environmentally friendly and humane. Call KW Pest Control today for a free no obligation quote, you can trust us to give you the right solution to your pest infestations!

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