Some Rare Know Things About Moth 


Some Rare Know Things About Moth 

Moths are a group of insects related to butterflies belonging to Lepidoptera, and some are colourless while some have a variety of colors. You may think moths as drab brown creatures that batter themselves against the front of the porch light.

Moths are mostly seen at night time, but it’s not like they can’t be seen in a day. Some moths are quite active during daylight hours. They are often mistaken with butterflies, bees, even the hummingbirds (due to small in size). 

Facts About Moth
Vary In Size: Moths can range in size from smaller than a pin to bigger than a songbird. There are some largest moths in the world which have a wingspan of nearly a foot (30 centimetres). 

Smell Sense Of Male Is Remarkable: A male moth can smell a female more than 7 miles away as they are expert sniffers.

Mouth-Less Moths: Some moths don’t have a mouth because they choose to develop their cocoons to mate, and content to die afterward. The best-known example of the mouth-less moth is Lunar Moth. 

Tricky: Moths are tricky, and they know which trick to apply at the time to run away from predation. Some are masterful mimics, such as caterpillars take the shape of twigs.

Attracted To Light: Many moths will come to light at night. They are attracted to light, bananas and beer. In the street, you can see the presence of moth around the street light.

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