Integrated Pest Management Tips for Homeowners

Integrated Pest Management Tips for Homeowners

Are you looking for an alternative way to eliminate pests instead of killing them with pesticides? If yes, then there are several control methods and preventive measures that can be carried out to keep pests away from a property.

An effective and convenient option is integrated pest management. It is a practical, sensible and step by step approach that can be followed to deal with clutter causing tiny insects. Though pesticides are an effective method for pest removal, they can lead to several heath risks and ailments like cancer, birth defects among others.

What makes this pest management approach “integrated”?

According to pest exterminators, integrated pest management means that pesticides aren’t the only gems in controlling ants, bugs, bees and wasps. There are so many small to large things that can all together assist in reducing insect population. For instance, if there are rats inside your property, then you should not just end up using insecticides. Instead, clear away all those things that attract them and the ways through which they are gaining entry inside your premise. The same integrated process applies to almost all pests.

The steps involved in applying this pest prevention, control and elimination technique includes:

  1. Investigation: The initial step a pest control professional will follow is investigating your entire property to look for what kind of bugs have invaded the place. There are possible chances that there might find more than one insect species like ants, flies & spiders. After accessing the entire situation, an action plan will be prepared and followed.
  2. Prevention: In this step, the experts will find out the reason that is attracting bugs to take shelter inside your premises. There can be some food or water sources, cozy or safe places, enough of clutter which might be compelling these tiny insects to reside here. Sanitation is an important aspect that should be focused upon to remove their infestation. Even a little bread crumb or spilled juice can attract ants and flies. In other words, cleaning is the secret to long term pest prevention.
  3. Elimination: After the above two steps have been fulfilled, its time to get rid of pesky pests that are already in your property. For this a pest company may follow the approach of vacuuming or trapping. In some severe cases, use of pesticides can also be favored.

These are some steps involved in integrated pest management followed by most of the professional pest service providers. If your home is invaded by critters or rodents, feel free to call KW Pest Control for effective rodent removal and control service in Waterloo.

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