Spider removal services

Spiders are not insects, it is a large class of arachnids which contains mites, ticks, scorpion and harvestmen. There are thousands of species throughout the world. Most of the spiders are not aggressive, but, some species are dangerous for humans. They are most often found in corners and dark places such as garages, gardens, crevices, and closets. They are very annoying when found indoors. It has two main divisions and four pairs of legs. It manufactures a web on their selves to catch prey and other insects.

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Types of Spiders

  • Brown Recluse Spiders : These spiders are light to dark brown. Brown recluse spiders love to live outdoors in the garbage or debris. It bites only in defense. Bites are very painful and require medical treatment. It has a violin shape scar on its back.
  • Wolf Spiders : Near about two hundred species belong to the Family Lycosidae in Canada. Wolf spiders are hairy and 35 mm in length. These are dark brown with paler stripes. These spiders tend to live near to the floor and under the bed or furniture.
  • Common Household Spiders : These spiders are yellowish brown and easily found around the world. They like to develop their web in the house corners, under the furniture, basement and garages.

Why Choose KW Pest Control for Home Spider Extermination

Control of spiders is not an easy task. You may need a professional to remove them from your house permanently. Our technicians able to identify the species of spider you are dealing with poses any risk. When you call us, our adroit technicians will reach you with all the equipments and remove these unwanted guests from your premises forever.

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