Fleas Extermination

Fleas are a very common household pest, especially if you have pets in your house. These irritating pests can become a major problem in our houses. Fleas cause a variety of skin problems, allergic reaction and increase the risk of disease transmission in family members and pets. These are commonly notices during the humid weather (between October and March).

Fleas are wingless insects and they live on the blood of another. There are more than two thousand species and cat flea is the most common type, which is found on dogs and cats. We, at KW Pest Control, offer a comprehensive flea extermination and removal services in Cambridge, Kitchener, Woodstock, Waterloo, Guelph and Stratford to both residential and commercial clients.

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Facts About Fleas

  • Identification : Fleas are wingless and 2 to 8mm long in size and has an oval shape. Females slightly larger than males. They are reddish brown in color. Fleas have long, spiky legs and used their legs for jumping from one animal to another.
  • Life cycle : There are four different stages of the fleas’ life, such as eggs, larvae, pupae and adult. A female scatters her eggs on the bedding where the host rests. They usually survive on their primary host, but an adult flea can survive without blood for several months.
  • Habitat and behavior : Fleas prefer moist environment. Whether indoor or outdoor. A female flea lay up to 50 eggs per day and 500 eggs in her whole life. Larvae do not drink blood direct from the host, they consume organic matter such as skin flakes, hair and dried blood.

Treatment of Your Premises

If you do not treat your premises or your pet’s bedding, you may give a chance to fleas to develop their population. If you have pets and it spends its more time indoors, the interior of the house should also be treated. Before treatment, the homeowner should:

  • Clean everything and vacuum frequently
  • Keep your yard and garden free of pet droppings and garbage
  • Give regular bath to your pets
  • Give monthly flea and tick treatment for your pet.

How We Can Help You

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