Bee Wasp Removal Services

KW Pest Control provides professional bee and wasp control services for residential and commercial customers. We deliver cost effective solutions to remove wasp and bee from your personal property. Most of the people think that bees and wasps are same, but it reality they both are different from each other. There are several types of bees and wasps found over the world.

Don’t try to investigate or treat the bee nest or wasp nest yourself. They are very aggressive. Once you are disturbing them, they can hurt you, your pets and other people nearby you. If you have doubts that you have bees or wasps in your house, you can make a call to KW Pest Control. We will inspect your house and provide the right solution.

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Identification of Bees and Wasps

Bees : There are near about twenty thousand species of bees around the world. They live in a colony and they divided into three categories including a queen bee, workers and drone. Queen bee and workers are females and only drones are male.

Different Types of Bees

  • Honey Bees : Honey bee lives in a big colony and consists literally thousands of bees. The name of the honey bee colony is super organisms. They produce substantial amounts of honey. They are dangerous if they nest near to residential areas or commercial buildings.
  • Carpenter Bees : There are two types of carpenter bees. The first is a large carpenter bee which is known as Xylocopa and the second is small carpenter bee and known as Ceratina. Ceratina bees are 8 mm long and Xylocopa are 12-25 mm long. Both bees go through complete metamorphosis – egg, larva, pupa and adult stage.
  • Bumble Bees : Bumble bees are very large and hairy insect. They are black and yellow in color. Some species are orange or red. Usually they build their nest in dry and hidden areas. They get aggressive easily if someone disturbs them. They can sting readily to protect their nest.
  • Wasps : Wasps are very noisy and aggressive insects. They like to live in colonies. Wasps differ from bees. They prefer to develop their nest in gardens. They feed on other insects and parasites and have metallic green and blue appearance.

Types of Wasps

  • Yellow Jacket : They get their name from their yellow and black body. They are 10 to 16 mm in length. As compare with bee, they have thinner waist. They like to eat flies, beetle grubs and other pests. They build their colonies under porches.
  • Bald Faced Hornet : These black and white insects easily found in residential areas. Summer is the favorite season of them and they reproduce very faster during this season. They build their nest near to trees.
  • Mud Daubers Wasps : They like to live alone and seldom sting. Spiders are their favorite food. They build their nest with mud, that’s why they called mud wasps. They stung and paralyzed their prey before being placed in the nest.

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